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Is Cryptocurrency A Great Investment? Tips for new investors.

Since we now know more a little bit about Cryptocurrency, The Big Question is, is cryptocurrency a great investment? Given the fact that it is very popular these days, would you invest in cryptocurrency? Each and every one has different opinions when it comes to cryptocurrency due to a number of reasons, one of its reasons is due to its very volatile state. As some people think that cryptocurrency is a new form of financial revolution, some individuals think of it indifferently, others might say that it is a bubble. Is it really a bubble? No one knows. No matter how different individuals such as analysts, business moguls, investors, traders, miners, and even the creators of their own respective cryptocurrencies knows if it would succeed to become a new and efficient financial revolution or a bubble. Currently, the most prominent digital asset is Bitcoin. As of January 9, 2018 9:25 PM GMT, 1 Bitcoin = 14,804.28 USD Nine years ago, if you were the first miners on B

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